52 Totally Awesome Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Are you a homeschooler, tech geek, or just someone with a love of science and some time to kill? Then you will love the below 52 totally awesome science experiments you can do at home.

Whether you have kids, are a kid, or just one at heart, there are many experiments for people of all ages and levels. And if you do one a week, you can fill an entire year and home with the results of all of these experiments.

Totally Awesome Science Experiments You Can Do At Home with Kids

Grab a kid to help in these awesome science experiments you can do with them.

    1. How to Make a Volcano : An oldie but a goodie, start off your science experimenting with this classic. You will need yeast, water, hydrogen peroxide, and soap. Colin Kilbane is a science teacher and shows you how.

    imgfoodnetworkcom2. Make Your Own Rocket : Geek Dad is a leading blogger for Wired. He specializes in science and often brings kids into the mix. This five minute video on YouTube shows you how to build a rocket in an afternoon and offers loads of tips to get it over 100 feet in the air.

    3. Salty Ice Experiment : Ask your science student or child why doesn’t the ocean freeze in the winter? If they get stumped, or even if they get it right, try out this science experiment you can do at home. All you need is cups, water, and salt.

    4. Create Your Own Tsunami : These huge waves can be deadly and confusing to children. Do this science experiment with them to show how they work. A few complex items are needed.

    5. Liquefaction : Another disaster based experiment, this one simulates earthquakes. It shows what happens to sandy soils when an earthquake shakes them up. Only five common items are needed.

    6. Make a Tornado in a Bottle : Colin Kilbane is back to show you how to do this science experiment. This simple experiment only requires a water bottle, water, and soap. Let the kids do this one to get loads of science learning.

    7. Bristlebots : These tiny robots can be built with the help of young children. All you need is an offset motor and toothbrush. It’s a great way to learn how to build a robot with your kids and is sure to provide hours of cheap entertainment.

    8. Balloon Hovercraft : Scott Thompson has been teaching kids of all ages science for 20 years. In this science experiment, he shows how to make your very own balloon hovercraft. All you need is a CD and balloon.

Totally Awesome Science Experiments You Can Do At Home with Older Kids

Older kids along with their parents and teachers will enjoy these science experiments.

    bostoncom9. Ellen DeGeneres Science : This science expert appears on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” to conduct weird yet amazing science experiments. Featured demos include reverse helium, elephant’s toothpaste, and trash can smoke rings. Make sure to follow the proper safety precautions if you try at home.

    10. How to Make a Tornado Machine : Create a tornado in your very own home with this science experiment. Tommy shows you how to make a machine that isn’t expensive and actually works. The video has more.

    11. Seven Layer Density : Everyone knows that water and oil don’t mix. This science experiment takes that principle to the next level. Steve Spangler teaches how to make a liquid of layers using the principles of density.

    12. The Original Potato Cannon : Learn how to launch potatoes with the power of science with this experiment. Easy steps and videos are offered. For only about $30, you too can have your very own potato gun.

    13. Build an Electric Motor : Learn how an electric current produces a magnetic field in this science experiment. Science lovers can use a few items to make their very own motor. You will need insulated wire, magnets, cables, and more.

    14. Exploding Lunch Bag : Learn acid/base reactions from this simple and fun science experiment. Simply mix the ingredients, step back, and watch it go.

    15. Egg Through a Bottle : Amaze science lovers of all ages with this awesome science experiment. In it, you will be shown how an egg larger than an opening in a bottle can be sucked inside. Atmospheric pressure is also discussed.

    16. Fireproof Balloon : A normal balloon can be popped by just about anything, including fire. However, in this science experiment, you will learn how to make a balloon that is fireproof. Balloons, water, and matches are all that is required.

Totally Awesome Tech Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Tech geeks of all ages can have loads of fun with these science experiments.

    homeroomteachercom17. Go From a C to a D : If you need a C battery but only have D’s, this is the science experiment for you. And the best part is the true cost is exactly one dollar. All you need is a few quarters, three or four to be exact.

    18. Light Bulb Vase : It may seem low tech, but the final results are impressive. This science experiment simply shows you how to turn an ordinary household light bulb into an elegant vase. Other related projects are shown.

    19. Matchbox Camera : Make your very own camera with this video from Metacafe. All you need are a few household items to start. It is also a good way to learn how cameras work.

    20. Make Your Own Lineman’s Phone : When this project is done, you will have your own one-piece telephone that will plug into any wall jack in the United States, plus an alligator clip adapter (to make your phone calls even if you can’t find a jack). Six simple steps and tips are given.

    21. Pong : The classic game can actually be recreated in this science experiment. You’ll need some tech knowledge and items, but if you stick with it, you can have a realistic replica of one of the first video games.

    22. Lava Lamp Experiment : Get your very own groovy lighting system in this science experiment. Although buying your own may be cheaper, it won’t be as fun as following this guide.

    23. Build Your Own Computer : A leading tool in technology, this science experiment walks you through how to build a PC at home. PC Mech is a well know site and shows you how. You can also learn how to build a server or home network.

    24. Build Your Own Laptop : Use this guide to learn how to build your own portable computer. With a thirst for challenge and a $1,400 budget, you can assemble a speedy, well-equipped mobile machine that performs better and costs less than many comparable pre-built systems. Computer Shopper shows you how.

Totally Awesome Chemistry Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Ditch that boring chem set and try these science experiments at home.

    25. Make Your Own Ethanol : It might be the fuel the entire world runs on one day, but for now it is a cool science experiment to do at home. Making your own ethanol can be fun, cost-effective, and better for the environment. All you need is some form of feedstock, a way to ferment it and a way to distill it.

    26. How Much Sugar in a Can of Soda? : The chemistry of the human body is looked into in this science experiment. All you need is a stove, can of soda, and stove. The experiment will make you think twice before drinking the next one.

    27. Chemiluminescence : Learn the secret behind glow sticks in this science experiment. Whereas traditional lights use heat, these lights use a commercial chemiluminescent chemical reaction. All you need is a glow in the dark light stick.

    28. Mentos and Diet Coke : We’ve all seen the impressive geyser these two chemicals can create. Click here to learn how to do it yourself. An extra twist is the guys from “Mythbusters” weighing in on it.

    29. Online Masters Degree : If you want a place to get new ideas for science experiments, this site, run by a couple of science buffs with kids are always suggesting interesting ways to keep kids engaged.

    30. Disappearing or Magic Ink : Ink reacts when applied to paper. However, in this science experiment, you can learn how to make disappearing ink. Useful for both science and pranks.

    31. Burning Money : Learn the value of money and science in this experiment. It will show you how to actually light a bill on fire without burning it. Another experiment that requires caution.

    32. Handheld Fireballs : If you enjoy the world of wizardry or super heroes, try out this science experiment. These handheld fireballs are easy to make and can be done at home. However, extreme caution and parental supervision is required.

    33. Iron From Cereal : Learn more about what is in your food in this science experiment. It will show you how to extract the item from a fortified food, in this case cereal. All you need is 15 minutes and this guide.

    34. Dry Ice Experiment : Mr. Mac presents several homeschool science experiments showing the fascinating properties of dry ice. This video also includes a crazy story, “Seven Dungeons,” in which Jack and Jill must use dry ice to escape from their nemesis.

Totally Awesome Green Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

These science experiments can make your home and the planet a better place.

    35. Making Compost : Use this science experiment to keep trash from your home out of landfills. HowStuffWorks shows you how it works, how to make it, and even how to do a trash audit. Waste such as fruit and veggie peels, egg shells, coffee, and more can be used to make it.

    36. Make Foam : Packing foam can be harmful and takes centuries to biodegrade. Making your own can be a great way to save the planet. All you need is vinegar and baking soda. Chemical reactions are also taught.

    37. Make a Fire Extinguisher : Save a trip to the store and wasting all that gas to fight fires the natural way. Baking soda, vinegar, and other items are used. The impressive extinguisher can put out a small fire just by getting close to it.

    38. Grow a Tree From an Avocado Pit : You read that correctly. With a simple pit and a few other items, you can have your very own avocado tree. It takes a few weeks before you can plant it, but with food prices rising and a green frame of mind, it is worth it.

    39. Make Paper : Skip the bin and learn how to recycle your own paper here. This is a fun craft that teaches about recycling while making a useful handmade product. You are also shown how to add decorations.

    40. Acid Base Indicator : Save a trip to the store and purchase with this science experiment. It will show you how to make an acid base indicator using a few household items. Some red cabbage or similar veggie is needed.

    41. How to Build your Own Wind Generator: Learn how to reduce your energy bills by building your own wind energy generator. The three minute video walks you through the process. A complex experiment but worth trying if you have some knowledge.

    42. Solar Powered RC Car : The experts at Instructables show you how to make this fascinating green car. Five steps, a PDF, and video are given. You can also see how other solar cars are made.

    43. Lemon Battery : Creating a battery from a lemon is a common project in many science text books. Successfully creating one of these devices is not easy. However, this guide can give you loads of help to completing this science experiment at home.

    44. Green Science Fair : If you still haven’t gotten your fill of green science experiments, click here. The Discover Green Science Fair for a Better Planet awarded the best in science and shares with you. Top experiments included a biodiesel processor and solar powered trike.

Totally Awesome Science Experiments Adults Can Do At Home

Leave this kids out of these science projects and get some adult themed fun.

    45. How to Brew : Trade in your six pack to learn how to make your very own beer in your home. John Palmer shows you how in four sections. Everything from brewing malt extract to formulating recipes is discussed.

    46. Your First Wine from Fresh Grapes : If looking for something a little more highbrow, try making your own wine. “Wine Maker” magazine not only discusses the latest in wines but also how to make your own. They also offer a kit and beginner’s guide.

    47. Make Your Own Moonshine : Not to be outdone, go the other way and make your very own moonshine. Anne Marie Hemenstine is the chemistry expert at About.com and gives instructions for making this old time drink. All you need is ethanol, three to ten days, and a few other things.

    48. Homemade Rocket : It sounds innocent enough, but the use of a condom for the rocket makes it an adult science experiment. Mentos and Diet Coke are also required. For extra laughs, the project in this video doesn’t go well.

    49. Electric Pickle : Because teenage students can be so immature, adults with a broad sense of humor can try this one. A classic twist on the original experiment. Proper equipment and safety is required.

    50. Spudgun : If the original potato gun is too wimpy for you, visit here. This site actually created a custom potato cannon for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Check out the specs, or those of other guns you can make at home.

    51. DIY Jewelry Cleaner : Use science to get your silver jewelry looking like new in this experiment. No need for chemicals or gloves. All you need is baking soda, boiling water, and a few other items.

    52. Cigarette Experiment : Adults who need inspiration to quit smoking should check out this video. It shows how much tar and other chemicals are contained in cigarettes. After 400 cigarettes, tar is extracted, boiled and shown.

No matter what your age or skill, remember to use caution if attempting any of the above 52 totally awesome science experiments you can do at home. If under the age of 18, make sure a parent has given consent and can supervise.

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